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    We see more than figures - Testing & Measuring

    To achieve the optimum in power plant operation it is important to know the condition of the plant and its individual components. But the accuracy of the operating data available from the control system alone is not adequate for this purpose. To open up further possibilities for analysis and optimization, precise, validated data is required, which can be obtained through additional measurements and tests.

    Due to changes in legal requirements, changes in the procedural boundary conditions or optimization measures, conversions or retrofits in plant components may be necessary. The prerequisite for such work and the basis for further planning is always a detailed determination of the plant condition - usually by means of appropriate measurements with which even complex calculations can be validated.

    Iqony Solutions performs acceptance and regular verification measurements, and also implements status or event-oriented test schemes. Many years of experience from projects in our own power plants as well as numerous external customers makes Iqony Energy Services your competent partner for testing and measuring technology. Measurements in all kind of areas of a power plant can be executed, applying various measuring techniques:

    Energy Audits

    Our energy audits meet the standards laid down by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Audits are performed by certified auditors using a set of high accuracy instruments. Simulation of the sub systems is done using appropriate software and thermodynamic analysis. Online system monitoring, cross verification of system combustion and mill analysis is done to ensure full advantages being derived from energy audit.

    Performance Testing

    Performance testing of new as well as old power plants is done using the latest performance test instruments meeting the international standards of PTC, IEC and JIS. We conduct performance evaluation and guarantee tests for sub critical and supercritical power plants as also, hydro-electric plants:

    • Performance evaluation tests for boilers, turbines and auxiliaries are conforming to international codes. Appropriate calibrated measuring instruments and data logging systems are available and used for such tests. 
    • Benchmarking tests also carried out using existing plant measuring instruments and simulating plant performance with the EBSILON®Professional software.
    • Laboratory testing

    Residual Life Assessment (RLA) / Condition Assessment (CA) 

    We conduct Residual Life Assessment and Renovation & Modernization studies for sub critical and supercritical power plants. The studies are based on appropriate destructive and non-destructive testing procedures, examination of operational history combined with in depth knowledge and database of design improvements to suit the respective market conditions. Clients are provided with recommendations regarding cost benefit analysis for life extension and performance improvement.