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    Our experience for the safety and optimal operation of your crane system Complete solutions of crane systems in the nuclear Environment

    We have been active in nuclear technology since the 1970s. For so long it has been our claim to combine the highest safety standards and intelligent solutions. We use our expertise to offer special solutions for cranes, transport systems and special components of nuclear technology. Our experienced engineers develop individual machine and electrical concepts and then implement them economically.

    We build new plants, and are also a reliable partner in the upgrading and repair of existing crane systems. At the national and international level, we carry out projects ranging from approval support through delivery to assembly, commissioning and maintenance. We use our know-how to implement the current standards and regulations of nuclear technology (such as KTA 3902) in a manner that is both economically and licensing-friendly.

    We can do that for you:

    Planning, calculation and construction:

    • Experienced implementation of the nuclear requirements of KTA 3902 for cranes, winches, trolleys and load handling equipment
    • Development of expertly qualified concepts

    Electrical engineering and control:

    • Development of safe control systems from the first draft up to the ready-to-use complete system including all necessary verifications and calculations as well as expert acceptance
    • Preparation of the detailed, complete construction and production documents from the first concept to the risk assessment and verification
    • Consideration of requirements for electromagnetic compatibility

    Upgrading of crane systems:

    • Analysis and evaluation of the existing plant
    • Planning and implementation of the necessary upgrading measures
    • Professional support in the approval process
    • Adaptation and integration of new sensors and mechanics to the existing system as well as connection of existing components to the new control technology
    • Ensures short changeover times to ensure high availability

    Installation and commissioning:

    • Assumption of the assembly line
    • Execution of function and acceptance tests
    • On-time handling during extensive quality assurance
    • Acceptance with customers and official assessors
    • Care and maintenance in case of trouble shooting and recurrent inspections
    • We work with multidisciplinary teams and have the required certifications and aptitude confirmations