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  • We optimise power plants applying specialised solutions for the most diversified needs.

    Our foremost priority is to provide a safe, environmentally-friendly and economical energy supply. We develop and apply comprehensive IT solutions for plant monitoring, optimisation and operation management, and provide support in the planning, operation and maintenance of power plants, waste incineration plants, cement works and wind farms. Our services therefore range from the supply of energy with classical fuels and renewable energies through to electricity and heat grids along with energy storage. The focus of our work is on developing sustainable and economical supply concepts. Our IT solutions transform costs into reliable performance.

    Here’s what we can offer you:

    • Enhancement of plant availability and efficiency through post-engineering services
    • Adaptation of facilities to new statutory marginal conditions and market requirements
    • Analysis and optimization through additional measurements and tests - Energy Audits, Performance Testing and RLA/CA.
    • Optimisation of O&M processes and procedures
    • EBSILON®Professional: our tool for simulating thermodynamic cycle processes for plant planning and optimisation
    • Online monitoring systems like SR::EPOS or PADO for continuous monitoring of the power plant process taking technical and economic aspects into account. Key plant components are evaluated periodically.
    • Predictive analytics systems like SR::SPC enable the early detection of anomalies and also the planning of maintenance and repair measures, reducing the number of unplanned outages.
    • Operation management system (SI®/PAM) to support the effective planning, implementation and documentation of maintenance measures
    • Intelligent process control for optimising the combustion process and supporting attainment and compliance with statutory emission values
    • Fleetwide monitoring systems for the economically and technically optimal management of plants
    • Optimisation of grids and supply concepts
    • WINDcenter continuous improvement processes, more efficient workflows, faster responses and higher data transparency in the area of wind energy