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  • Project profile

    Planning and construction of facilities for the conditioning and storage of nuclear waste

    We plan and build nuclear facilities with engineering services in the fields of construction technology, mechanical and process engineering, electrical and control technology, plant safety and radiation protection. 


    • Concept Development
    • Approval planning
    • Plant design for total and partial plants
    • Construction technology
    • Machine and process engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Process control
    • Communication Technology
    • Plant security
    • Radiation and occupational safety   


    • Design, delivery and installation of systems, components and complete systems 


    • Project management
    • Construction and installation management
    • Documentation
    • Quality Management
    • commissioning
    • Function and acceptance tests  

    Documentation and monitoring

    • Documentation
    • Accompanying radiation and occupational safety
    • Fire protection
    • Radiological measurements, sampling