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    Planning and delivery of nuclear ventilation systems

    The focus of "Air Technologies" is on the planning, delivery, construction, commissioning and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, especially in nuclear as well as conventional plant construction.

    The planning of nuclear ventilation systems with special requirements for monitoring and containment has long been a specialty of Iqony. In particular, Iqony uses its own expertise in the general planning of nuclear facilities.

    We can do that for you:


    • Creation of concepts for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems including measurement, control and regulation technology
    • Design of HVAC systems, preparation of heat demand and cooling load calculations
    • Implementation of detailed and assembly planning in 2D and 3D
    • Creation of dismantling concepts regarding adaptation of ventilation systems and media supply
    • Planning of enclosures and locks
    • Creation of CFD studies
    • Design of boiler house ventilation and smoke heat exhaust ventilation systems
    • Creation of functional safety proofs for the load case safety earthquake
    • Creation of commissioning documents
    • Creation of pretest documents 
    • Creation of concepts for carrying out recurrent tests
    • Preparation of maintenance instructions and operating manuals

    Delivery and installation

    • RLT components as well as complete heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for
      • Conventional power plants
      • industrial plants
      • Nuclear power plants
      • nuclear installations
      • for safe auxiliary systems such as emergency diesel systems
      • laboratory equipment
      • research institutions
    • complex mounting systems and steel structures
    • Retrofitting and upgrading of ventilation systems and pipelines
    • Radiation protection instrumentation according to KTA 1503.1, VDI 2066 and DIN ISO 2889
    • Enclosures and plant engineering for the dismantling of nuclear facilities
    • Mobile filter systems, possibly with VPU creation

    The best consultants are those who are experienced project developers and operators. We draw on our 80 years of expertise in energy generation for the benefit of your projects. We not only take an entrepreneurial approach but also act on this. We are the leaders in many areas of energy generation and make an important contribution to the energy security of the future with our knowledge.